Thursday, August 15, 2019

Can you hear that? Listen close, put your ear up to the computer screen... (oh don't do that, screen don't make noise dummy!) they are running at Bonneville!

nope, I'm not there. I still haven't won the lotto, inherited a fortune, gotten hired to photograph and report about all the cool events, vehicles, races, museums, etc (but if you know someone who is hiring,

But Hot Rod Magazine sent J McGann and W Allison to send photos back to the internets so us poor folks and fans can get a look

But the cheap bastards still think they are shooting with film that needs to be developed for gods sake. Somebody please wake them up and point out that the cost of one digital photo, or a zillion, is still the very same. No matter how many or few digital photos you take and save, you've already paid for the equipment, so get busy with the camera ya mooks!

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