Friday, August 16, 2019

A flight delay started a little friendly competition when a ground control agent tried to entertain the people stuck waiting for their plane to take off with rock paper scissors. When the worker lost, his expressive way of showing defeat was hilarious

Some people have the rare ability to get along with almost anyone they encounter in life.

Brianna Kolbe and Robert Meadows of Dania Beach, Florida boarded a recent Spirit Airlines flight in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and rather than simply sitting back in his seat, Meadows began a competitive game of rock-paper-scissors with an airport worker at Atlantic City International Airport

Since Kolbe posted the tweet on Sunday it's received more than 1.5 million likes. After the tweet went viral, the couple was able to identify and connect with the employee online.

"They’re already talking about a rematch," Kolbe told Time.

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