Tuesday, March 20, 2018

tree stump pulling

When they were digging the Erie Canal they invented this!

A pair of 16-foot tall wheels were mounted loosely on an axle while a smaller wheel was fixed firmly to the axle in between. Rope was wrapped around the axle and hooked to the stump. Another rope was wrapped around the smaller wheel and hooked to a team of oxen. As the oxen walked forward, they would pull on the rope attached to the smaller wheel, thereby spinning the axle and pulling up on the rope attached to the stump. The leverage this set-up created ripped stumps out of the soil with ease.


keeping in mind how things can jump up and take out your vehicles back window (Jeremy Clarkson and that station wagon pulling a 8 foot long log, if you recall that) this next one might not be a good idea or design... however, use your best judgement and the method that makes sense to you based on what you have available for leverage and power

And Eire Canal was the pivotal inspiration for this post, so, update.. the Eire Canal Locks are getting worked on as a normal once a decade maintenance repair: http://www.localsyr.com/news/local-news/the-nys-canal-corporation-shows-newschannel-9-their-lock-repairs/1098775643

and the canal tow path still affects roads: https://www.facebook.com/andy.rezsnyak/posts/10216122189918043

and there is a 36 mile stretch where the towpath is an annual bike ride, family friendly event that begins in Rome, NY and follows the Old Erie Canal Towpath trail to DeWitt, NY

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  1. The one video, with the captain, was filmed just down the road a bit... If you ever get to Herkimer NY, during the summer, I suggest going on a boat tour of the Erie Canal, with this guy... Funny and informative fella!