Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Two major trucking groups have filed a multi-billion dollar class action lawsuit against Pennsylvania for imposing “excessive tolls” on drivers.

The lawsuit alleges that the Turnpike Commission has enacted “excessive toll increases” which “place an undue burden on interstate commerce while improperly diverting toll revenue to other projects unrelated to the turnpike.” The Turnpike Commission has increased tolls on drivers by over 200 percent since 2006.

According to OOIDA, it is unlawful for the Turnpike Commission to give PennDOT $450 million worth of toll revenue each year for non-turnpike projects. The suit alleges that it is a violation of interstate commerce laws to use toll revenue for anything other than the maintenance or expansion of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Since January of 2018, the Turnpike Commission has paid PennDOT $5.875 billion in toll revenue — and the lawsuit asks Pennsylvania to refund the nearly $6 billion to drivers.

The lawsuit also points out that truckers are paying an unfair share of the toll burden, paying half of all turnpike toll revenue even though trucks only make up 15% of total traffic.


  1. I was on the Pa turnpike this summer, having to go to the Norhteast for a wedding. The worst road ever and tolls so high they are crazy. In my car it cost $39 ,if I remember correctly, to drive from Philadelphia to outside Pittsburg.This for for one one the crappiest,bumpiest, most torn up, ugliest, bits of highway you will ever be on. I swore I will never ,ever go again. The worst part is hat it drives traffic off the highway and onto surface streets which make for horrible traffic all across Pa.

  2. Both those links are wrong saying, “Since January of 2018, the Turnpike Commission has paid PennDOT $5.875 billion in toll revenue” It clearly should say as of Jan 2018...
    What boggles my mind is at the link from the link it says, “The turnpike has issued at least $5.6 billion in new debt to make the payments, said a 2016 auditor general report.
    Debt = borrowed = interest, follow the money.

    The Philly Port Authority is the same, they gave away hundreds of millions to projects like a pro soccer and football stadiums and restore the slave quarters at George Washington’s Philly home. Then suddenly the bridge cash cows needed re-decking they raised the toll from $2 to $5 and did away with any discounts.

    As for trucks paying half the toll while being 15% of the traffic, highway planners say they also do 90% of the damage.