Monday, March 19, 2018

William C. Putman's 1969 Buick Electra 225 has been his daily driver for nearly 50 years, accounting for more than 418,681 miles.

He bought the car on Dec. 9, 1968 for $4,700. He said that included the tax, license plate and all the other bells and whistles. He still drives his Electra today in its 99 percent originality.

Most days, one can find Putman driving his Electra to work for a few hours. Currently, Putman works part-time at Taco Bell in Boaz to “just get out of the house.”

“I just go and work a few hours to get out of the house,” Putman said. “Unless something real catastrophic happens I really wouldn’t have to do a lick. I just enjoy being around people. It’s a lot better than sitting around at home all day.”

Work is all he’s known throughout his life. He said while growing up he plowed a with a mule and picked cotton since he was 9 years old.

Putman’s first job came many years ago in Cross Creek, Florida at a Cannon parts warehouse. Putman said he and his wife combined to make $1 per hour. They later made their way back to Alabama where they worked a few different jobs until he decided to buy an OK Tires store in Gadsden.

Soon after taking the reigns, Putman transformed the business into what is now known as Putman’s Alignment Shop.


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    1. darn it, I've got to up my game... start plowing with mules or working at Taco Bell... something!