Friday, March 23, 2018

Manning de Villeneuve Lee was a wonderful painting illustrator and comic book artist

The Beagle Boys Versus Uncle Scrooge

Russ Manning Magnus Robot Fighter

The Quality Companion: Celebrating the forgotten publisher of Plastic Man ... By Mike Kooiman, Jim Amash

His father was a a general in charge of the Virginia Calvary in the Spanish American War, later becoming a newspaper and magazine owner, who in 1903 started his first magazine, The Railroad and Industrial World.

The WW1 attitude against the Germans made many, including the Stoppelbein family, to change their name to something else, and so, the last name was changed to Lee. Villeneuve was his maternal grandmother's last name.

During WW1, Manning de Villeneuve Lee enlisted on July 5, 1916 and served in field artillery at Fort Myer.  Then he served in Mexico during the border war. After that conflict he was released and served overseas as a lieutenant. He was honorably discharged on April 14, 1919.

In 1922 Manning de V. Lee completed his studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. One of his fellow graduates was Henry Weston Taylor (1881-1978), who went on to a successful career as a newspaper cartoonist. Lee and Taylor shared an art studio in Philadelphia

In 1943 Manning de V. Lee taught illustration at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. That fact that he was hired to teach a course in illustration at America's most conservative art academy, reflected his remarkable personality.,MdeV.html

all three were by Rupert Holland, who also wrote Pirate Ships In Yankee Waters, which I coincidentally happened to have a copy of

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