Thursday, March 22, 2018

astonishing to me, NSU made Lambretta scooters under license

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  1. The list of cars, motorcycles, scooters etc. built under license is endless. Right off I'll just mention a few odd ones, like the BSA A10 650 cc twin (Meguro/Kawasaki), Renault 4CV (Hino), Heinkel bubblecar (Trojan in Ireland), and Morris Mini (Innocenti in Italy). Hard to say which one was the most copied, but after WW2, DKW tech was used for both cars and motorcycles (BSA, Harley-Davidson and another half dozen used the 125 cc bike, and SAAB used both the the two and three cyl. engines). Guess today small Honda engines are the ones copied most often - in China - albeit without it being license production.