Monday, March 19, 2018

Always plead not guilty, as it seems no matter how clear it is that you're guilty, juries can't handle it. Maybe public defenders aren't so useless, and the DA is far less capable than I thought

I posted a story about this before

And now the result is in on the most recent and just wrapped up trial of Constantino Banda, who was charged with driving under the influence, driving without a license and felony hit and run.  A judge declared a mistrial on all three counts.

A mistrial was declared again Monday in the case of the oft-deported unauthorized immigrant accused of driving drunk and causing a crash that badly injured a boy returning from Disneyland.

This is was the second time a mistrial was declared in Banda's case. In September 2017, a San Diego judge declared a mistrial after jurors deadlocked over the first three counts, according to prosecutors.

How in the hell the district attorney couldn't get a conviction on DUI is one of the great mysteries of life. Why is water wet, why can't women and men think alike, and how is it a drunk driver gets a mistrial? 

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