Tuesday, March 20, 2018

not everyone who talks shit in a road rage moment is ready for the calm reaction of someone who isn't putting up with any shit today


  1. Anonymous10:10 AM

    My wife had two road rage incidents in one drive home. The first was an impatient woman who was screaming and cursing because my wife wasn't driving fast enough to suit her. She passed my wife in a no passing zone, but you know the old saying 'karma's only a bitch if you are.' The angry lady managed to get two blocks further and rear ended a car trying to make a turn, AND was rear ended herself by a pickup. While my wife was stuck behind this three car wreck another angry bird showed up screaming and cursing because she couldn't see the accident and thought my wife was just sitting there for no reason. Angry bird #2 decided to pass my wife on the right, driving down partially into the ditch, but when she saw the accident, stopped, and started to back up to get back in line, and you guessed it, was rear ended as well by a car that was going to follow her into the ditch.

    1. WHOA! You're wife was lucky that day! Had a rotten trip, but survived without a collision!

  2. As the Danish saying goes: "Your own progress [good luck] is fine, but others' misfortune is not to be discounted [sneered at]"