Monday, March 19, 2018

Just how stupid is the war on drugs?, and how ridiculous are cops who make it their mission to invent a drug deal so they have someone to arrest? I've said it before, "what's in those donuts?"

Officers from the 12th precinct, who were pretending to sell drugs in an attempt to arrest drug users, were approached by two officers from the 11th precinct, who treated them as they would any other “drug dealers” and attempted to arrest them.

A brawl between the two groups ensued after the 11th Precinct officers pulled guns on the 12th Precinct officers and ordered them to the ground. The situation only became worse inside of the house that was being raided. Confusion led to arguing, shoving, punches being thrown and someone being placed in a headlock.

It is not clear how the incident occurred, nor how the cops came to blows, but the clash following the mistaken drugs bust resulted in one officer needing to be taken to hospital for treatment.

This is not the first time undercover Detroit cops have clashed.

In February 1986, Officer Mark Radden and his partner, Officer Jack Buffa, responded to reports of shooting at the same house. The officers, both in plainclothes, exchanged fire unknowingly with each other. The firefight ended in the fatal wounding of both men.

How about instead, cops go find a crime being committed and deal with that... instead of creating a problem, they deal with the problems that exist

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