Thursday, March 22, 2018

I just learned a linguistic trivial matter related to cars.

It's one of those words that describes a group of things, the "collective noun"
like for example,
a Murder of Crows, a Mob of Kangaroos, army of ants, litter of puppies, pack of hounds, flock of birds.

The collective noun for cars, and coincidentally, spare parts, is 'an insufficiency'.

You don't have a collection of cars, you actually have "an insufficiency". Ditto parts, just as a pack of dogs and a pack of wolves. Similar things using the same collective noun.

Ya heard it here 1st folks.

And Joe Sherlock, A View Through the Windshield sent in these great ones:

A shock of Teslas,
 A growl of Jaguars,
A tofu of Priuses

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