Thursday, July 05, 2018

the 1974 Z-28... stripes I've never seen before

 The Z28 package for 1974 included a 350ci L82 small-block V-8 that was rated at 245 net horsepower. This was clearly a performance-oriented engine, with four-bolt mains, a forged steel crank, impact-extruded aluminum pistons, and heat-treated and shotpeened rods.

 The cast-iron cylinder heads were home to 2.02-inch intake and 1.60-inch exhaust valves, and 76cc combustion chambers. The hydraulic-lifter camshaft featured 0.450/0.460 lift (intake/exhaust) and 346/360 duration (i/e). A dual-snorkel air cleaner sat atop the motor, while a real dual exhaust system got rid of spent combustion gases.

The Z28 package also included special sport suspension; 15×7 five-spoke-style wheels, F60-15 bias-belted, white-letter tires; a heavy-duty starter; increased cooling; power brakes; a Positraction rear axle; and dual sport mirrors.

But most importantly, the 1974 Z28 featured the optional D88 sport stripes, nearly the biggest graphics ever applied to any muscle car, pony car, or big car. Those D88 stripes announced that this car was no ordinary Camaro, but rather the mighty Z28.

I believe the 72 Charger Super Bee had a larger decal, if not the 1970 Charger 440 decals were,and so were the billboard (hence the name) decals on Cudas and Challengers

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