Friday, July 06, 2018

it's been a long time since I've heard news about Mongols in a shootout, but at 4am, on the 210/215 interchange in San Bernardino 2 guys were found leaking out of bullet holes, one bike with Utah plates and a Mongols sticker on the helmet

A rider was reported down in lanes on the 210 near the 215 Freeway interchange just before 4 a.m., CHP officers and paramedics arrived within minutes and found two men down with gunshot wounds, San Bernardino Police Department Lt. Mike Madden said.

Video from the scene showed two motorcycles stopped in the center meridian area  as authorities investigated the scene.

A third motorcyclist, identified only as a woman, was with the group at the time of the incident, Madden said.

One of the men had died at the scene. The second rider had a wound to his upper shoulder and was transported in critical condition to a nearby hospital

The motorcyclists appear to have been stopped when the shooting occurred, Madden said.

Investigators were unsure why the riders had stopped on the freeway and did not know where the shots came from.

in probably related news, Mongols and Hells Angels have had a blood feud in LA for decades, and last May a Mongol was arrested for shooting 2 HA, killing one

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  1. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Must be an isolated incident, because David Santillan (and the club's attorneys) says the Mongols are legit, they'd NEVER do anything against the law.