Tuesday, July 03, 2018

The cheaper gas prices are at the top of the hill, about a mile from the freeway, and the expensive Chevron is at the bottom of the hill, at the middle of on and off ramps.

74 cents a gallon x 10 gallons (for most smaller cars) and obviously that Chevron is profiting handsomely for it's location next to the interstate.

7.50 per car, and maybe 10 per SUV, or maybe 20 per SUV, just for being in a better location.

That's got to be hundreds a day, for a gas station to have a freeway ramp location

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  1. That is called capitalism-they have and you want it. That site at the on ramp probably cost 10 time what the one at the top of the hill cost. That is the good thing about America is that you have a choice.