Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Do Trump haters realize they are making themselves the clear assholes compared to Trump supporters, by picking fights, and maliciously vandalizing cars with Trump bumper stickers?

We get it, you liberal democrat Hillary supporters are mean assholes, just like her, but you don't need to demonstrate by keying cars of people who wanted a non-politician. That hopey changey shit didn't get us very far during Obama, (Cuba chilled the hell out) maybe this pres will get North Korea to chill out.

the photos above of the blue Subaru I took myself, but below, is one I found today on https://swarfs.tumblr.com/image/175373353924 by coincidence.

Imagine being so rabidly frothing at the mouth barking mad that you had to damage other people's stuff because they showed a sign of believing in the opposite figurehead of a belief system. I get it, instant emotional reaction, zero thought process.

Yeah, that seems a lot like the terrorists, who had to bomb the embassies in Beirut, Benghazi, Libya, Yemen, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, etc etc.

Sure, there are no peace-niks in politics, emotional reactions are the norm, and losing your shit seems to be a daily thing for the am radio talk show fans.

But damn people, hasn't history made it clear? YOU are the bad example that is tossed on the stage anytime the supporters of your opposition want to make it clear what that (it doesn't even matter who) asshole has for fans.

Just like this car, clearly. Now I get to show everyone what assholes there are opposed to Trump and how they have no class. Shame on all of you, you all get painted with the same brush. Unlike the first lady who made it clear by going to get some time in the immigration detention facilities, and thereby shove it in her husbands face what a real leader is supposed to do (lead by example) by being cool with people looking to make it to the promised land, of welfare, jobs, and big ass flat screen tvs... and Netflix!

Plus pizza and beer, and bacon. Damn, it seems like a pretty good place to move to, right? So, yeah, I get it, they ain't going about it the right way, but they want to get their kids into that system where illegal aliens disappear and and get a chance at a better life. I wish everyone was just a human, and borders were open for anyone who could play by the rules, speak the language, pay the taxes, and work a job... but until then, I still admire the god damn moxie it takes to cross countries the hard way, and show up penniless hoping to get your family on the

Until the billionaires quit making all our lives difficult by running countries for better quarterly earning statements, and things ease up on tensions, chill the hell out. Ain't many people descended from the people who lived here first. Yeah, that would be no one. Everyone's ancestors are from Africa/Asia/Europe, and the last ones to get here aren't much different from the 1st ones, they all walked a long fucking way to leave the old country in hopes of finding the land of milk and honey.

maybe someday religions will get tossed aside, and languages will melt away a bit, and we all can use some insta translator button/earpiece, and the fucking bombers realize they ain't winning any battles, or wars, and they chill the hell out and go hit the strip clubs and bars (not that they don't already, while talking shit about infidels (yeah, that was what the 9-11 bombers did in San Diego before heading to New York)) and mellow out. Eat some pizza, with bacon. That shit is good. And drive more stick shift cars, for fun. Enjoy the life, it's pretty short, you may as well enjoy it, even you liberal democrats. 


  1. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Yeah, just treat others the way you want to be treated. Realize everyone is going through something and might need a bit of kindness and decency from someone else for no particular reason than that they're another human being.

  2. Ever notice Trump supporters don't muck up Hillary stickers? We just laugh. but seriously just show some respect, I believe those who vandalize anything are only jealous.

  3. That's stupid as hell, those poor cars are not responsible for what sticker someone put on them. You don't like the driver, sure... but why you punish that poor car damaging it. Cars are apolitical, they don't discriminate any driver. No matter what political or religious views one can have, car will always ride with him. But if you start push too much, cars will rebel... remember Christine, True Story!

  4. Jesse, I don't know whether to laugh or cry? The one line you wrote did make me drop my jaw a bit.

    "and languages will melt away a bit, and we all can use insta-translator button/earpiece."

    I immediately thought; "A BABEL FISH !?!" From the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" That made me laugh.

    As for the "assholes" who do these sort of things, I'm trying to remember when Obama was in office how many people who didn't like him do this to people's properties who did? I just don't recall this happening.

    Jesse, your right. Lead by example, GOOD example.

  5. I am a liberal, and I must say that what they did to your car was wrong. I am so sorry that a few assholes who happened to be part of my party came along to you. I hope that new tires don't cost you too much. However, please keep in mind that most democrats aren't assholes like that. I, myself, would never do harm to someone's property like they did. Also, I've met Republicans who threatened to kill me for my beliefs! Either way, I just wanted you to keep that in mind, and remember that there are liberals who respect opinions like myself. And there are conservatives who are just as much of assholes as the liberals who slashed your tires.

    Again, I'm sorry they did that to you. That was certainly the wrong thing to do.

    1. Didn't do it to me... those aren't my cars. Thanks for your empathy though. Assholes are in every race, creed, religion, etc. A good friend of mine once advised me to avoid discussing politics, religion, and sex with anyone I'm not related to.