Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Ever get fed up trying to reuse and reclean the damn wet/dry shop vac air filter? I have, many times. I just found out that K&N makes a filter for those too!

I'm surprised and disappointed that they only have a one year warranty, and not the typical "million mile" warranty, but I get it. Vacuums get ABUSED a hell of a lot more than car air filters.

But forget that, how cool is it that you can get a K and N filter for your shop vac!



  1. $63.99?! I use the Home Depot/Lowes 5 gal bucket vacuum...for $21.99 and a Harbor Freight $.99 Paint Brush to clean the filter, I'll spend the $41.01 on something else.

    1. Hey! That's cool! I hadn't heard of the 5 gal vaccuum!
      But, I posted about this because I see the guys at a car cleaning station use the hell out of their wet dry vac daily