Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pink Mopars... the only pink musclecar? Probably. Yes, I know that Chrysler called the colors nice names, like Panther Pink, and Moulin Rouge. FM3 was the paint code, but pink never seemed wrong on these beasts

 1971 Barracuda, the coolest accessorized body for Mopars in my opinion. The shark gills, the shaker hoods (normally), that great grill, the driving lamps under the bumper, hood pins, and the billboard engine size call out. Wow, it got all the cool stuff

 I was wrong when I called the 340 Wedge hood decal the best and biggest factory engine size call out. I forgot about this, the 1970 Charger hood cove decals. These are real uncommon to see, I have no idea how few were ever sold on cars from Mopar, vs how many have them installed by eager owners... but wow, impressive and bold

 Chargers has the flip top cap on the drivers side, and Challengers on the passenger side. I don't know why.

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  1. Cool! I love the car’s rosy tint. It is uncommon, but very exquisite indeed. If I were to own this car, or any car with this shade, I would definitely name it ‘Pink Berry’. Lol. O_o :D Anyway, is the owner of this charming Charger, a boy or a girl?

    Leisa Dreps