Saturday, July 07, 2018

how drastically improved was the 427 SOHC over the 406 R code? about 200 Hp

Ford rated the 1965 SOHC Ford with a pair of Holley 780-cfm carbs at 656 hp, the single-carb version was rated at “only” 615.

Ford probably the went through the r and d costs to make the sohc because for 1962, the brand-new Thunderbird 406 High Performance V-8 made 385 horsepower at 5800 rpm through a single four-barrel carb (“B-code”) or 405 with three two-barrels (“G-code”)

It was in heavier cars than the competition

for comparison:

Pontiac 421 Super Duty Catalinas, were rated at 405 horses in twin four-barrel form.
The 409 had an even 409 horsepower with two four-barrels.
The Max Wedge 413 put out 410 horsepower (the stage 3 was 420 Hp with 13.5:1 compression) with cross-ram induction.

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