Tuesday, July 03, 2018

I get such a kick out of people realizing they have a twin to a vehicle that was in a movie... or making a vehicle look like an obscure vehicle from a movie

Above is sorta close (unless compared to a photo from the movie below) to the van in the beginning of Back To The Future. I can't tell if it has the scoops in the rear column though


and if I'd seen this

before posting about this movie van, I would not have had a clue what was significant about it.

A couple weeks ago I was surprised to see someone had made a twin to Doc Brown's van


  1. Yes the copy has the scoops but it is not exactly the same model
    The copy is an early Bay Window (T2a) from 68 to august 71 and the one from the movie is later model (T2b) released in august 72 (73 year model) until 1979.
    They are close but there are some differences, visually the easiest to spot are the tail lights (bigger on the later one), the bumpers (bigger on the later one) ant the front turn lights position which where under the front lights on the early one and above on the later one.
    and of course there are also a lot of mechanical differences.
    So you may ask about the 72 year model ? well it was a transition version (T2ab) which had some of the specs of both models (close to the early one but with the larger tail lights)
    There are a lot of small differences between year models such has locks, handles, mechanical specs, and more who can help determine the year model

  2. Beat to the punch by Looker... Just curious, German or Cal? Unless you know a couple of guys called Uzi, Skim, and mattcuddy, then I have to add Jersey too...

    1. add Jersey, to... what? Places that customize these vans?

    2. In the VW world, there's three types of "Lookers" - the German Look (lowered, big brakes, hot motors, monochrome paint), Cal Look (raked, hot motors, wild paint), and then there's the Jersey Looker (bus) which is 70s American van look on a VW Bus - big meats, cut fenders or flares, shag rug, CB radio, etc. The names mentioned are guys active on the Samba in the Jersey Looker thread