Saturday, July 07, 2018

The Going Thing: special-edition 1969 Ford Mustang sports roof, a Special-Edition Ford Drag Team lookalike

All of us have seen Mustang special editions, such as Twister Specials, California Specials, High Country Specials, or even something as esoteric as a Mustang E

Ford built scores of different special-edition Mustangs throughout the years, but after more than 30 years of photographing Mustangs, this ’69 is the first special promotion known as The Going Thing I've heard of.

 This car is extra special for a couple reasons. Original owner, and a 428 Cobra Jet under its hood, and a shaker scoop. Of the 109 Going Thing Mustangs, this was the only 428 with shaker scoop, and bonus, it's a 4 speed. Only 22 of them received 428s.

Oh, and it's Petty Blue, as this was the one year Petty was with Ford

Throughout the sixties, Ford offered plenty of national, regional, and local promotions for the Mustang.

The 1968 California Special and 1970 Twister Special are perhaps the most familiar, but The Going Thing is a bit more enigmatic.

 If that name sounds familiar, it’s because The Going Thing was Ford’s national advertising campaign for the 1969-1970 model year. Ford’s advertising agency even commissioned a “Sunshine Pop” group (naturally christened “The Going Thing” and organized by the same team that later handled The Partridge Family) as support for the campaign, which included three LP releases. for his videos
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