Wednesday, July 04, 2018

If you haven't seen the testing of Boeing wings, you'll be amazed how much they are designed, engineered, and tested to bend without failure or damage.


  1. That's the 787 wing test that they stopped at 150% of the design load. The 777 failed at 154% of design and Boeing didn't want to snap these composite wings because they were needed for more tests like the 25,000 hour flapping test. There was a lot of excitement at work (Boeing) over this test.

  2. I remember seeing the video of the 777 test in a programme about the aicraft's design (particularly about how the whole thing was done on one massive computer system). I think it was a BBC Horizon episode.
    Everyone applauded as it reached 150% without failing and then even louder when there was a big bang and collapse at 154%. You want an aircraft to be exactly strong enough for the job. Any stronger and you're just reducing payload (in effect making the plane weaker).