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Gorman & Boone's - Arena of Trained and Wild Animals, 1897, gives a look into what a traveling circus brought to town

the train car they used with interesting advertising

 J. Anthony is at the front of the car, coat-less, in white with suspenders. I assume Col. Boone is to his right (left in the photo). Mrs. J. Anthony Gorman is on the platform at the very front with the flowered hat on and "Baby Cyrene" is in the dog cart toward the rear of the car.

The Gorman's only experience with circus animal acts. Most of his career was creating sets for various World's Fairs.

Mike Morrison, Oceanside, CA

Gorman and Boone's Arena of Trained and Wild Animals opened on Vanity Fair, Centennial Grounds, Nashville, Tenn., May 1, 1897 and caught on quick.

The crowds on the grounds are small, but we get more than our share. The man in white appears, and as a result everybody is happy. Col. Boone is without doubt making the hit of his life in his wonderful lion act.

 Miss Dodo Boone, his little daughter, made her initial bow as a lion tamer, and was a success from the first step, although the Colonel had to interfere at times.

 Executive staff: J. Gorman, proprietor and manager; performing bears, sea lions and wolf hounds;
Col. S. Daniel Boone, animal king; the den of Nubian lions and a troupe of Siberian wolves.
Mlle. Carlotta, lion queen; 
Baby Cyrene Gorman, with birds, dogs and kangaroo;
Dodo Boone, lions and tigers;
C. A. Georanni, performing cockatoos and geese;
Monza Farrene and his monkey circus;
Miss Dodo, trained elephants,
and J. E. Cahill, dogs and goats,

Mrs. J. A. Gorman, treasurer,
P. A. Phelp, lecturer and arena announcer;
W. H. Bishop, speculator;
J. Newt. Bronson, musical director;
J. H. Cahill, superintendent animals;
Harry Barrow, properties, with four assistants;
Grant Reed, head usher, with three assistants;
Ed. Masterman, carpenter;
Ed. Summers, head cook, with second and third;
James Lawson, head waiter, with three assistants;
J. Newton Bronson, band master;
J. H. Smith, Oval Hart, A. Balue, Preso Rice, George Stout, S. H. Bonebrake, Oscar Stark, Bul Weber, Ariel Stephens, Ed. Karst, Joe a. Shondel,

New York Clipper, May 22, 1897, p. 186.

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