Wednesday, June 27, 2018

this looks pretty cool, an evolutionary step forward in gas cans.

And no, I didn't get one for free to promote it... I found it on an outboard facebook page. Damn, if I got a freebie every time I post about some cool new gadget.. that would be awesome

Inventor Brad Ouderkirk developed and improved on this for a couple of years... so, this isn't a major company creating these, it's a guy with a good idea.

Mass producing a couple thousand a day in Tennessee, and pressure testing each one... they come with a one year warranty

Ouderkirk worked as a general contractor for many years and eventually owned a cabinet shop in North Ogden. That’s where he invented the SureCan, with his first prototype made from wood in his shop in 2011. He had dealt with difficult gas cans that “spilled every time.” That’s when he decided there had to be a better way.

SureCan has come a long way since then, winning the 2014 National Hardware Show’s “Most Innovative New Product” award in Las Vegas. They also won the “Retailers Choice Award” at the same show.

Ouderkirk takes pride in “doing everything to make sure it [the gas can] is built like it should be.” He accredits that focus to the company’s success so far.

“We are the greenest red gas can,” Ouderkirk said. “By next year we hope to have the best EPA-tested gas can on the market.”

Over 20 million gas cans are sold in the US each year. The EPA estimates over 17 million gallons are spilled or leaked each year just from household gas cans.

They currently carry two sizes, a 2.2 gallon can at $36.99 and a 5 gallon can at $44.99. Ouderkirk hopes people will see the higher quality and usability of the product

I'm already on record as being against the high price of regular cheap red plastic gas containers.  as there simply wasn't a single reason something mast fast and simple, of plastic, with no moving parts, ought to be 15 bucks.

So, why do I think this 45 dollar 2 gallon can is worth it? Hmmm, gadgety, and spill proof. I wish I'd had one for the 3 years I used an outboard, twice daily.

All the people who've had to buy a gas can in California can testify, the damn "spillproof" designs suck. We all wish for a simple old red plastic container with an extendable tube, and a little yellow vent. Those aren't legal anymore.


  1. There's a youtube video by the Double Survivalist that show's how to use a tubeless tire valve to put a vent on a plastic gasoline "safety" can. I've personally done a half dozen of my own and it works great! It's a fast, cheap and easy fix.

    1. yes, and on amazon there are a lot of the little yellow vents for sale to install on our own gas cans too.

  2. The only drawback I can see is the way that internal valve is set up you can't get all the gas out, but the amount that's left is probably equal to what you'd spill with a regular can.

    1. but the point is that none is spilled, not that some is left... there will always be some left in a bottle, can, jar, or whatever.... just like when we pay for gas, and pump it, some is left in the hose on the pump. But, why worry.... it's negligible.

  3. oh its not just residents of commiefornia,

    all of us in the rest of the states now can only purchase those stupid cans.
    I finally switched over to the metal "safety"cans with the spring loaded handle and lid, similar to the one you pictured here, but with the opening on top
    having the hose come from the bottom is a good idea,
    we know why the big companies havent done it, when you can have a plastic can made in china for 67 cents and sell it for $15, why change that ?

    you can also use water cans, they are made from the same material, just dyed blue, and they have a normal spout insted of the California spiller spout

    1. Water cans... I don't think I've seen them. Well, some for off roading that stack and pack on Jeeps and other 4x4s