Sunday, June 24, 2018

Probably the last guy alive to have been a part of the Mobil Gas Economy runs, Chad Johnson, is now in his late 90s, and still interested in getting the history of those events correct

I've never seen or heard of this newpaper before, I doubt many copies exist!

That's Chad in the lower right article above.

and thanks to Chad I've now got the verification proof that Betty Skelton (above) and Mickey Thompson (below) were participating in the Mobilgas Economy Runs. I'd read they were, but until these images, there was nothing on the internet to verify it.

 That's a lot more information about the people that ran the MER than I've seen before!

So, thanks to Chad Johnson, WW2 Army Air Corps vet 1942-46, and MER inspector and assistant chief steward from 1952 -1967, owner of Johnson Automotive Service in Burbank.

How cool is it that he kept, and now shares, this cool stuff that no one else can?!?!

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  1. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Very cool indeed. I see Mickey Thompson was involved. As well as an honorary position for Tony Hulman of the IMS Hulmans.