Saturday, June 30, 2018

June banners


  1. Jungle Jim was cool but who remembers Jungle Pam. Damnnn, she was smoking hot! She was as much of an icon as many of the NHRA drivers and a highly active part of the team.

    1. absolutely. I don't think anyone gives a hoot about Jim, regardless of his successes, records, etc. His legacy is similar to many other drag racers, and it's Pam that most recall with fondness. However, I celebrate and memorialize with great respect Jim's work ethic, his single handed approach to getting shit done well, on his own, with this image I was so damn happy to find, where he is shoving his car around for a photographer so they could get a perfect photo. Respect.

  2. Fondness? Hell I was about was lust! Hahahaha