Monday, June 25, 2018

Bully with a badge, FIRED in disgrace. You don't get to treat anyone like this, especially your daughter. Maybe by sharing this, other bullys with badges will get the message. You've got a job to do, professionally, or you're fired. Wise up.

Kovach pulled over the car with a driver and three passengers in it outside of a home without alerting dispatch. He then tells the driver, his daughter's boyfriend Makai Coleman, to get out of the car because he's "going to jail."

In bodycam video, Kovach temporarily detains the boy and his daughter, and can be heard ordering the young man to get out of the car and telling him, "You're going to jail," and is heard saying, "We'll make shit up as we go."

The paper obtained documents related to the dismissal which said Kovach's actions warranted "immediate dismissal." In a memo obtained by the paper, police chief Cel Rivera said the actions were "an abuse of police authority and a serious departure from appropriate protocol…they are contrary to the mission, values and policies of the Lorain Police Department."

Kovach said his daughter’s laptop was in a nearby home, of Gloria Morales, who denied Kovach access to her home, he threatened to arrest her. The investigation later revealed Kovach used the laptop to track his daughter’s location.

Kovach then made Coleman exit the squad car so he could put his daughter in the backseat. Although she protested, he pushed her into the car and drove away.

Before he could leave, Kovach had been called by dispatch to investigate a road rage incident, to which Kovach did not respond.

Afterward his release, Coleman told Lt. Dan Smith that Kovach called him a week before and threatened to not only take out warrants against him, but also threatened to go to his Army recruiter to stop his enlistment.

This is an example of what's happening all over the country, every day. People get a job with a badge, and forget they only have the power to do the job according to the rules, that they swore an oath to stick to.

Why do I post it? To remind you, record the police any time you see them doing something, especially when they are interfering with you. It's probably going to be the only evidence you'll have when they throw the bullshit excuse that body cameras or car cameras weren't working, or the video was lost, or whatever bullshit they trot out to try and save their ass by obstructing justice, tampering with evidence, etc. They WILL NOT be honest when they'll have to pay the price for acting like bullies, and violating the laws and your rights.

I wish they were honest, and great examples of professionalism on the job. But I'm not a moron, I don't live in fantasy land, and there is a long way to go before cops can be trusted again.

If you're all upset that I'm showing what assholes cops are, you can change that by showing me what incredible examples you have of cops being awesome. I post them too. I'd rather post more, but no one ever gets in the news for being a good cop. 

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  1. It's encouraging to see he lost his job. Nowadays they almost always put them behind a desk with pay and eventually determine they were operating within acceptable procdures!