Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sean Sullivan The Culver Studios Mural

Sullivan, who does much of his street art with Sharpie pens, was commissioned to make this mural of an on set theatrical trailer filled with costumes, props and memorabilia, all dating back to Culver Studios' earlier history. It took around 600 hours.

That's his rendering of Uma Thurman's Kill Bill outfit, Adam West's Batman suit and Michael Keaton's Beetlejuice wardrobe.

Culver Studios, where 'King Kong' and 'E.T' were shot and home to L.A.'s oldest soundstages, got a face-lift, by hiring Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl of design firm LIFE.STYLE to reimagine  the reception lobby and conference rooms with a top-to-bottom makeover, which took five months to complete, and had to be done during weekends and holidays, since the studios couldn't shut own during the overhaul.

 The studio behind such classics as Gone with the Wind, E.T., Rocky, Legally Blonde, King Kong, Kill Bill, and more, wanted to reference it’s old-Hollywood roots. “The goal behind the redesign of The Culver Studios' offices was to remind people where they were and of what had been accomplished in this space, but doing it more subtly than with movie posters,” the designers say.

Artists: Sean Sullivan, Lucy Hamblin, Sean Chang

In other areas of the studios, they made coffee tables from stacks of old screenplays, scripts, and lucite tops. They created wallpaper with pages of scripts and dailies


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