Monday, June 25, 2018

Delta announced Wednesday that it would prohibit pit bull-type dogs as service or support animals, in a move it called “the direct result of growing safety concerns following recent incidents in which several employees were bitten.”

Then only outrage, from pit bull owners. Everyone else? Glad there won't be pit bulls on planes.

Seriously, anyone want to sit next to an "emotional support" pitbull? Nope. We're not as stupid as pit bull owners would like us to be.

Are they the worst? Does it really matter if another dog breed has murdered more babies? Nope. Pit bulls earned all the revulsion and aversion they get. If that weren't true, all the wanna be thugs in the ghettos wouldn't choose pit bulls as the intimidating looking dog of choice.

If having a pit bull is so necessary, instead of a collie, Labrador, or retriever, then you'll also believe me when I say that a 50 cal machine gun is good for shooting bunnies for supper. Both pit bulls and 50 cals are only dogs and guns, but neither is convincing as a least deadly of the type.

And every single argument for pit bulls is an argument for larger caliber bullets, faster full auto firing rates, and larger capacity magazines. Why yes, I am in favor of silencers on machine guns so that when target practice shooting ridiculous amounts of bullets quietly make there rapid way to making confetti from a paper target. Similarly, I'm in favor of engines larger than 400 cu inches making ridiculous amounts of power to turn tires into smoke clouds, loudly. Why not?

I'm just not stupid about it, or believe it's the only way. Ditto, pit bulls aren't the best choice for "emotional support" or legit seeing eye dogs, as they are deadly, and don't belong in mixed company of strangers in public... anything could set them off, and their owners sure as hell ain't equipped to stop them from causing innocent bystanders to go to hospitals for throat lacerations, if they are lucky enough to survive an attack, or their service dogs, or their kids.

I feel the same way about snakes... and every idiot that has ever owned one and said "don't worry, it doesn't bite". Then why in the hell does it have fangs you moron?

here is a random screen shot of the results of "pit bull facial damage"

here are ALL the results of "collie facial damage"

notice, only one guy, who was "kissing" his own dog at a dog kissing booth, according to And tracking that image back doesn't get the info you might think, it's a "kissing bug" stock image that litters the internet with zero factual links to a news story. It's simply click bait. 

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