Wednesday, June 27, 2018

unused parts for Ferrari 512 LM and Ferrari 250 GTO found in shipping containers in the Cavalino estate being cataloged ahead of an auction by Coys of Kensington at their Blenheim Palace main sale, Friday 29th June.

parts were found from the great Italian marques for rarer models such as the 250 SWB, 250 GTO, 275, Competition Daytona, F40 and 512LM, along various other Italian competition cars such as Maserati and Abarth

Many parts are still in their original wooden packing cases dating from the 1960s, or in their original boxes wrapped in oil paper.

Sets of pistons, rims (Borrani, Abarth, Chrimodora, Campagnolo, Gotti  - with and without mounted Dunlop racing tires) gauges, windshields, headlights and Perspex headlight covers for a 250 GTO and a Daytona... impressive to look though this collection of Ferrari parts, just for the eye candy effect

Full online catalogue at

even an F40 motor. Twin turbo 2.9 liter, around 1300 made

and a 1961 250 GT chassis

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