Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Berlin Buick made it into Hot Rod magazine

Thom wrote up the article, and John Jackson (Not Stock Photography) did his magic.

Last September we got a sneak peak of the photos from some other websites


  1. This car is from Watertown NY where I live. Never knew about it until recently. And it was built right in Port Leydon NY "a sleepy little bugtussle town" about forty five minutes away. God, there's so much hidden talent around us we never or rarely hear about. An amazing build!

    1. Exactly, and I try to look through as many good sites and magazines as I can to do something to showcase as much as I can in my one site. I don't think anyone else has the variety in their view of what they'll feature... boats, cars, bikes, trucks, mowers, carts, planes, trains, atvs, race cars, tanks, monster trucks, art, sculpture, VWs, WTFs, and photography. I am so damn happy that the rest of the like minded car enthusiasts are out there doing their sites and magazines too and bringing so much more to the world now, than any time before when all we had were 6 or 7 magazines to cover everything