Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Snap on does make a couple points with this dump truck on their tool cabinets exhibition in 2006

February 28, 2006, Kenosha, WI
 In a daring test of strength, Snap-on Tools Company placed a Peterbilt dump truck on six tool storage cabinets to demonstrate the durability of its storage units. The Snap-on® premium KRL extended cab system rolling units were outfitted with steel plates and wheel chocks to stabilize the weight of the Peterbilt dump truck, which was lifted on the cabinets with six heavy duty mobile lifts.

The KRL storage cabinets are built with double-wall construction, which uses two full-sized layers of high-quality "Class 1" heavy- duty steel to provide ultimate strength, durability and finish. Heavy-duty ball bearing drawer slides help drawers open smoothly and interchange easily, and the Snap-on® Lock N' Roll® system prevents drawers from drifting open during unit transport and non- slip liners keep stored tools in place.

They certainly are strong, they are built really well.

But tool cabinets don't need to hold up weight, not like this, they just need to slide drawers open when you are looking to get a tool. So, lets not get crazy.

most of you would have never heard of the Calder Thunderdome. It was at the time the only NASCAR oval in the southern hemisphere. During one race weekend in 1991 they rolled out four of those toolboxs and a crane lowered a Snap On truck onto them, a man in white overalls with the word Snap On in big red letters on the back then ran around and opened every draw of every toolbox, then ran around and closed them all. it was a very impressive demo of their strength

Calder Park Raceway is a motor racing circuit in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, it hosted the Goodyear 500

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