Friday, May 25, 2018

Moog and spokeman Mike Rowe (one of my favorite guys since the Dirty Jobs tv show)

I happen to respect Moog upper ball joints too.

I do not like that to replace them you have to buy a god damn special socket though. That's just bad design. Make it a big ol socket if you must, even one that just won't have any other purpose than to be a pencil holder, or paperweight, or cupholder. But at least it's going to have a purpose that isn't a single function that you'll only EVER use once when upgrading or replacing the ball joint on your ol Mopar. Seriously, it's been over 20 damn years since I had to pay for that damn thing, and I've never even met anyone that has done a upper Mopar ball joint that i could GIVE that damn tool to.

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