Wednesday, May 23, 2018

most astounding true story I've heard all month, an R code dual quad 427 Fairlane XL500 was found, bought, sold, and then the son of the new owner contacted him to let him know it was for sale again... 35 years later which is fine, the car hadn't left a heated bodyshop since he sold it

Bought in 1982, for $750 minus the short block, but with the induction, exhaust, and trans.

Oh, and it's a bucket seat one of 72 built, by the way.

Sold it a year later for 10 grand, intake and exhaust were sold separatly.

The man who purchased the Fairlane “did a little bodywork” and put a 427 motor together. His interests changed, and the car sat in a body shop.

 The 427 Fairlane owner died in the summer of 2017.

“The son called me. The problem was the car had been in a body shop for 35 years.”

The body shop owner wanted $15,000 in storage fees. (that's $35 a month)

Jay negotiated $12,000 in storage fees, for storing the Fairlane inside his heated shop for 35 years. You can't beat that.

you can tell the hood is a factory original, the bottom of the X has a sectioned area to allow room for a Dual Quad air filter

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