Wednesday, May 23, 2018

David has one unusual street freak of a Dart

he doesn't have a photo of it, but there are two wings on the back... been there since 1971 he said.

We all know that a gasser look isn't everyone's cup o tea, and wings are rarely appreciated unless they are on a Super Bird, Daytona, or Hurst Olds... but I admire the moxie it takes to put them on and buck the trends. Making that car yours, and not some damn belly button look alike that's just ignored... that's ballsy. Good for David for letting it all hang out.

of course I was instantly reminded of Ed Roth's gasser dart labeled a Super Bee


  1. I don't like it....I LOVE it !

    1. it reminds me of the Ed Roth tshirt art of the Dart that was labeled a Super Bee

    2. Absolutely Jesse. Love it! I want a t-shirt of that. ;)