Thursday, May 24, 2018

Do you remember the Dick Flint roadster? The one that became famous for being a Hot Rod magazine cover car

He built that while working at So Cal Speed Shop for Alex Xydias... so, that explains his good taste in customizing it, and Hot Rod magazines knowing where to go to get it to be a feature and cover car.

He had finished it around 1947, and was racing it at El Mirage from 1948 (setting a speed record) to 1950 or 51. By 1961 his wife was unhappy with it taking up garage space, and it had to go (case in point, reminder to avoid getting married if you value your stuff)

A hot rodder doesn't change though, and in 1969 he found a damaged 1929 Model A Special Coupe, and put it in his garage for $400. It stayed in the garage for the next 30 years.

Now, tell me what sense it made for his wife to push the cool cover car out? It was just sold at auction for about $600,000, but all Dick was paid for it was $2500.

He set about hod rodding the '29 in 2001

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