Thursday, May 24, 2018

Stored since 1980, this Z 28/RS 1969 Camaro finally came up for sale, and poof, it's off to a collector who is going to store it, and not restore it. No doubt, it's going to be at an auction later this year or next year

The owner's health is failing, and his son is going through a divorce. I bet that had something to do with this getting sold.

It was stored in 1980, only has 37403.4 miles. It was taken out for a spin in 1994... but really... 38 years of sitting in the garage.

The original engine was factory replaced, and the rest of it's all original. Even has all the factory smog garbage.

those are the original tires, and seriously, amazing. Less than 800 miles on them as they were pulled in order to slap some better and bigger tires on.

The car is heading to the collection of Duane Lobbestael from the Detroit area. Duane has been a Camaro buff since he was 10. Born in 1969, he bought his first Camaro, a 1969 RS/SS 396, in 1984 from saved paper route money. He really likes this 1969 Rally Sport Z/28 because it is a “survivor.”

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