Saturday, February 10, 2018

Just a quick question

Just why is the security so ridiculous near airplanes? 9-11, right?

So where did the 9-11 hijackers come from? Across the border.

So, why don't we stop people at the border? Ummmm... no one knows. Nancy Pelosi happens to want illegal aliens to be welcome in the country though, so much, she stood for 8 hours, a new record, making a speech about it.

Did she stand up for 8 hours for anything patriotic? Nope.

Oh. Why does anyone vote for her at re-election? So more illegals can come into the country? So she can remain in office ignoring Americans? 


  1. Jessee proving once again his car blog is for just 29% of Americans and the rest of the world can F-Off.

    1. Were you of the opinion that this blog is for Saudi guys who hijack planes and crash them into skyscrapers? Why would you think that? Or... for anyone who crashes through country borders and illegally enters another country? Say, Syrians? Nope, not for them either. Tell me, what is it about people who abandon their responsibility to fix their own countries and break the law of civilized people who do not enter other countries illegally? Just how is that going for the women of Switzerland? Or Germany? Face the fact, people who go into other countries illegally, do no good. Legally becoming a citizen of another country is immigration, entering illegally, is being a law breaker.

  2. Thanks for posting this. What was that guy talking about 29% for ? Some people live in a vacuum.

  3. JP9, don't like it. why are you here ?

    1. I should have mentioned that to him. True, I don't politic often, but when I do, well... this is my website.

  4. For years I've been enjoying your blog but now if you are going to bring politics into it like this then you can go fuck yourself idiot.get real!

    1. Did you think you have some claim as to what the content will be? You have some stake in this site I'm unaware of then, as it's my site, and I don't recall ever hearing from you before, not in good times or bad, not when I asked for answers to questions, not when I put out the tip cup, not even when I celebrated an anniversary.
      So, you're all upset that you're not getting what? Something you bought and paid for? Something you subscribed to? Something you were promised?
      Let me know just when we talked about what I told you I'd deliver to you... as that has slipped my mind.
      I know you're not comfortable with the truth, nor the facts, and as for growing the fuck up, well, that's too much to ask of you. So really, what's the point of me asking you for a civil courteous discussion where we could talk about what you're upset about?
      Regardless, thanks for the offhanded compliment where you say you've enjoyed my blog and thereby my foolishness. Years of it even.
      In all that time you never said hello, not that I recall. But suddenly you feel I've tarnished what you've come to regard as your own.
      How strange, you believe that something here is yours, and all these years, what have you contributed?
      Me? I did the 11 years and 32000 posts. On my time, with the computer I paid for, and the scanner, and the camera, and the gas to get to events.
      Just what have you done for the blog? Throw a snit fit when suddenly I've went and burst your bubble.
      You certainly don't handle that well.
      Get real? What does that entail? Real in what sense? Get back to cars and trucks and jokes and things?
      As I'm pretty certain that getting to the real issue of immigration into the country I was born in, have a stake in, gave 10 years of military service to, and pay taxes in, is NOT what you mean.
      Feel free to move along, as you're not up to the challenge of coping with the occasional blip in the content where I chose to do something other than continue years of ordinary amusements and informative posts.
      When were you promised a concierge service of content chosen by your informed preferences? Do I owe you something for saving my life? For your generous donations of time, information, blood to the blood bank? No? That must be my list of accomplishments, oh, silly me to bring up what I do for the community online and in person.
      You? Joobin8r? Can't even come to the discussion with a real name.

  5. I come here for cars, not politics. Besides they all arrived here via tourist, business and student visas. They did not cross the border from Mexico. They became "illegal" when they didn't renew their visas.

    1. What you come here is not relevant. Did you think you are important enough to rate consideration on what I chose to post?
      Who are you when you're at home? Something tells me not a pleasant person.
      As for your expectations of what you'll find when you chose to arrive for the common fare of whatever I've selected to share each day, well... if you've not realized through the time you've been showing up and not contributing, there is a normal thing and sometimes, there are surprises.
      I don't answer to you. Did you think you have been personally selected to critique what I pass along?
      Were you told you were special? A favorite?
      How disappointed you must be to find that nothing here is done for your approval.
      In fact, nothing here is for you at all. You haven't been an adviser, confidant, friend, acquaintance, contributor, nor even a blip on the radar.
      You weren't invited, asked for opinions, required to subscribe, etc.
      This, all of it, is mine. Not yours. I don't know you, and can't recall ever hearing from you before.
      I do what I please here, and never has there been a flying fuck given as to your expectations.
      Who do you think you are? A celebrity? Some icon of the auto enthusiast? A person of importance to people in the fields of mechanics?
      Mechanics, most of them, simply don't give a shit about other peoples opinions. You ought to know that.
      Were you led to believe that the realm of car bloggers needs your patronage?
      How amusing. I bet I'll have forgotten you even exist in about 20 minutes.
      As for the 9-11 hijackers, well, some of them did indeed come across the border from TiJuana, into my city of San Diego. That's something everyone here in San Diego was very well informed of 17 years ago, not that you're aware of it.

      Feel free to find your cars elsewhere. I actually am not interested in your misinformed notions about immigration, illegal aliens, or foreigners that decide to ignore their promise to leave my country before their allowed time is expired, as indicated on the forms and visa they signed. They become illegal by their decisions, and not mine.
      I'm certain I'd find many of them wonderful people if circumstances were different. Most humans are. That simply doesn't matter when they break the law, their oath to behave civilized, and chose to be in my country illegally.
      There is no fucking way their countries would be pleased to have any American overstay a visa. Their prisons are nasty and overcrowded already with people their countries don't want. What gave you the notion that the USA was open border for anyone on the planet to use as a destination of their travel? Why not Mexico? Just what is so incredible about all the other 200 countries around the world that makes them tourist vacation places, but, all their people would rather live in the USA illegally?
      That's reality. Just like the Suadis hate the USA enough to invade and hijack airlines to use as guided missiles into New York skyscrapers.
      The USA has serious problems, one is millions of illegal aliens who didn't have any choice but to flee their countries of origin, and invade my country.
      The other is imbeciles like DACA dreamers who fight to stay here, instead of going to the country they belong to via citizenship. If those countries aren't shitholes, then why fight to never go back?
      If this country is worth all the effort to stay in, then fucking do it legally. If not, go to any other country on the planet, and live there instead.
      Pelosi wasted her effort on people who belong to other countries.
      Why does she not give the people who elected her, who she represents, as much or more effort?

    2. I never knew you were here to begin with, you did nothing to contribute to anything for anyone else, you won't be missed

    3. Oh wow, and then I finally remembered... you did comment on something before... and had a dead website you hadn't added content to, and I asked you what the 96trees meant. How about that, I'd forgotten you already, before I vaguely remembered you.
      Huh, that's remarkable. Anyways, do your own blog, don't count on others to do one for you

    4. Well said Jesse, you just wrote what most people with a brain think. Try going to any other country and try getting a free ride and see what happens, you whiners should carpool! This is the Best most diverse site around....keep up the great work brother!!

    5. Thanks Beavers Dad... some days people just forget they're along for the ride while I post stuff. If they want to be. If not, they can select a lot of other sites that do good work too

  6. Post any damn thing you want, Jesse. If I disagree with you, well so what? Your blog, not mine. As my Uncle Nate used to say, "If you don't like the fish, put 'em back in the wagon and don't punch the eyes out".

    BTW, the reason most Dems vote for Pelosi is that she's extraordinarily good at raising funds, and name recognition. This from a San Franciscan... as far as I'm concerned she can pound sand.

    1. thank you.
      There are 32000 other posts to enjoy more than this one

  7. It's your site, you be you. If I don't care for something that you post, I'll happily scroll past it and keep my mouth shut. If that's all-right with you, I'd like to continue to look, read and marvel at how in the hell you've consistently managed to find so much content.

  8. Weren't the 911 hijackers all here legally on tourist or student visas?

    Politics aside, this is still a great site, very creative, and original, and your mix of subject matter and art is among the best. I remain a long term fan.

  9. I agree with Daniel Brown, your site your prerogative. Anything political I'll just zip past it.

    1. thanks. It wasn't political, it was a straight airport security question. No one has answered it. Oh well.

  10. Jesse - You have to be the easiest person in the world to troll. Thanks for the free beer I won on how many words (over/under) your longest response would be. Cheers!

    1. That's nothing, I won a 6 pack and pizza bet that you'd be back to comment