Saturday, February 10, 2018

Dan scored when pulling out the carpet on his 66 Belvedere, it was parked in 1979, right about the time someone stuffed a $100 in an envelope and hid it under the carpet... emergency fund? Hide it from the wife?

the dates are 1974 and 77

Because this was posted in a Facebook page, a lot of people chimed in with what they had found in old cars...
Chad says:
Just recently, I found underneath the glove box liner on my friends 69 Charger Dash, that I am restoring for him, an envelope with $20 in it. It was an envelope that was addressed and stamped to go someplace in the Bay Area. The car's been sitting dormant since 1989 and the envelope was dated sometime in 79.
Anthony says:
a friend of mine found a bag of coke and casino chips under the back seat of his 66 Impala
Dan says:
brass knuckles in the kick panel rubbed the insulation off the wiring. Also found a bag of pot under the drivers seat.
Larry found:
120.00 stuffed in the ripped up drivers seat under the seat cover
Douglas said:
Once when I drive limos I found a paper football and I figured it was just a dollar bill. A couple months later I needed one dollar so I figured I’ll use it and unfolded a $100 dollar bill. Instead of McDonald’s I went to chili’s that day.
Billy said
I once found 650 one dollar bills in the dash behind the glovebox of a van I bought at Carmax.
Russ said
one time i bought a 68 chevelle and there was a 10 dollar pack of quarters in the glovebox and box of tools in trunk
Joseph said
I bought a 77 Ford van for Parts, but there was an old metal coffee can up the seat with $800 in Cash and change in it...I paid $300 for the van...and made another $500 in parts I that I didn't need...that was a good day...

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