Saturday, February 10, 2018

how much can smug electric car owners crow about being green? Not much, and even less where the electricity they draw is made by coal electric plants

A recent study by some economists determined that EVs, rather than getting tax breaks, should be taxed at higher rates in the coal-dependent East and Midwest for the indirect air pollution they cause. In California our grid is more diversified with wind, solar, hydroelectric, and natural-gas generation.

The Union of Concerned Scientists produced a study in 2012 saying that the i-MiEV on California electricity produces the same greenhouse-gas emissions as a car with an 88-mpg combined fuel-economy rating. In coal-heavy Michigan, however, the i-MiEV is only a 43-mpg car.

Still, 43 mpg is not bad, it's only as good as a Chevy Cruze eco though. And then, what's the point of having an electric car when it's no better than a gas engine for mpg, with regards to pollution, and worse than a gas car when driving long distance, and cost.

So, pay more, for the same pollution, can't drive across a state, and so.... what's the point and the upside to an electric car? If it gets in a wreck and catches on fire, shorting through the battery pack, nothing a fire dept showing up can do to put it out and save the occupants

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