Tuesday, February 06, 2018

the only relief for a pedicab/rickshaw owner, a place to sit while waiting for a fare


  1. OK, the handle and front wheels swing 90 degrees to steer it, but how is it propelled?

    1. that old guy pulls people around the boardwalk.

      This was in the days before social security, and people were in basically better physical shape from a lifetime of hard work, in tough boots, with a lot less luxuries than we're used to today!

      Think of this just like a rickshaw, but without the lifting and arm strength required.

      I wonder why they didn't just make more pedal type where the guy could spend more time in a seat and less on his feet, myself!

  2. Oh ok, thanks. Seemed like a strange handle to pull with. The ones in Atlantic City they push from behind which would be much easier.