Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Whoa... trivia shock... a 1971 Super Bee is a Charger, right? Not on the title.

According to the guys at the B Body Mopar facebook page, the 71 Super Bee titles state that the car is a 71 Coronet 2HT

So... now I'm curious... about some proof, VINs, titles, etc.


  1. The 1971 Coronet came in only 2 body styles, 4 Door Sedan and Station Wagon. That is why the Super Bee moved to the Charger.

    1. You're right. I know that. Water is wet, the sun is hot, etc. I didn't ask for confirmation of what I do know, I asked about seeing some proof of the title of a 71 Super Bee saying that the car is actually a Coronet.