Sunday, April 09, 2017

Good song, damn fine sentiment... "Old Mustang" - Johnny Rowlett

I'm not religious, so that ending of the song is not my thing exactly, but the whole thing is pretty damn cool, or I wouldn't post and share it

Further, he has an incredibly cool charity thing he does... here is his description of it

Everywhere we went, we saw homeless. Once in Montana on a cold night we met a man laying on the ground outside of a flying J truck stop. We went to multiple homeless shelters all over the country and learned about how we could help. 

 We began to save up extra soaps and shampoos from hotels we stayed in every night. We took the extra food that Pastors put in our welcome baskets and we would give them to people on the street. And thats where it started. ​

We are going to fill and distribute "Hope Bags" everywhere we go. These one gallon bags will contain just basic necessities like water, clean socks, granola bars, soaps, lotion and multiple other items that will give someone an opportunity to believe that someone still cares. and

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