Friday, April 14, 2017

lets debunk an urban myth right now... Nancy Pelosi wasn't Miss Lube Rack, Was NOT. Seriously, why make that crap up? Isn't her factual record bad enough to make you want to take a Silkwood shower?

In 1951 the Muller Bros., an Oldsmobile-Firestone Tire-Car Wash-Cafe-Body Shop-Home Appliance-Auto Supply Dealer located at Sunset and Ivar in L.A., California named their complex "The Landing." With good reason, they had everything you could want on one lot. It was giant compared to most new and used car dealers of the time, even had a control tower. They came up with the idea to hold a beauty contest to celebrate the 3,000,000th car to be pulled through its car wash. Life Magazine was there to photo-document the PR event

The photo is from 1951, that's why the car on the rack is a 1950 Olds, it would be contemporary. Pelosi was born in 1940. So, obviously an 11 year old wouldn't be standing in this photo as tall as these men.

In 1951 Nancy Pelosi was 11 years old and was living thousands of miles away from Los Angeles in Baltimore, Maryland (her father was mayor of that city from 1947 to 1959)

But that's what spinning around the internet right now.


  1. And I suppose you're going to tell me that's not Dan Rather standing next to her either. Right?