Friday, April 14, 2017

Monster Truck stunts have come a long way since driving over and crushing junkyard cars.... now they do flips, wheelies, and drive on two side wheels

skip two minutes

This reverse wheelie (which seems to be known as a Moonwalk) by Son Ofa Digger had me thinking, they sure have accomplished some stuff I NEVER would have conceived that they could pull off with a monster truck

driving on the side... I can't hardly imagine the difficulty balancing on the side tires

Shows the invention of the front flip

For the invention of the reverse backflip

For the first corkscrew

The double backflip by Max D in June 2015

a couple years before that they perfected the slap wheelie

and earlier in 2013 Max D did a stoppie (30 second mark)

Max D made a "back flip twist" in 2011

the earliest backflip I can find was 2009, but the credit for the 1st known is Larry Quick/Ghost Ryder, 2008.

skip the first 35 seconds

and Cyclones go back were invented earlier than 2007 (a cyclone is a spin around the center of the truck, a donut is a spin around the front bumper)

Most of these I had, but special thanks to Chris of Monster trucking with Jim and Chris! He knew several I didn't, like the corkscrew, earliest backflip, reverse wheelie... sure appreciate the knowledge Chris!

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