Monday, April 10, 2017

A variety of things that caught my eye at the LaJolla Concours, which gave me a chance to try and make good photography

tool kit 1960 250 GT Ferrari

These rims... damn, such a good looking design

original unused spares (or reproductions that are good looking fakes)

In the Nash Healey, both above and below.

the instrument panel is from a Willys


  1. And a damn fine job you did, Sir.

  2. Beautiful Jesse. Lucky bastard you. The spare tire in the '69 Z 28 Camaro, no doubt original with "Factory" air still in it. How do I know? My friends '69 Vette still has them stored when he changed them in the late '70's or early '80 to American Racing spoked wheels. Yes, they still have the factory air in them.

    1. Southern California is car crazy... so many car shows, concours and regular. Just no drag strips anymore. There used to be 34 I think, and now there are 1 or 2 full 1/4 milers, and only 1 NHRA 1000 footer I think. Lots of museums too. But the cost of living here is getting pretty bad. A co-worker is trying to find a two bedroom, the best she's found so far is 1300 a month, 30 miles away. A one bedroom in San Diego is now going for about 1250. You'd be lucky to find one at that price.