Wednesday, April 12, 2017

1969 Super Bee, sitting in the Kentucky woods for over 20 years. $3500, no engine, trans, hood, trunk lid, or title. (thanks Stewart!)

I just want to strip parts off this car!


  1. What little parts there are. Even though it's a Super Bee, and a '69 ta boot, I think $3500 is too much for a hulk like this. Crazy.

    1. Oh... you mistake me... I'd pay for parts, but I sure as hell would not pay 3500 for this wreck. I said I just want to strip parts off it, not buy it. There are a lot of parts on this heap that are good, the head light buckets, grill, stainless window trim surrounds, windshield, and back window, wind wing windows, interior door sheetmetal, gauges, side marker reflectors, taillights, taillight panel, all the nuts, bolts, and screws, switches, windshield wiper motor for a rebuild core and heavens knows what else would be good parts.
      And all of that isn't even worth a 1000 bucks