Wednesday, April 12, 2017

1947 Irat, a french boutique car builder with style, body by Labourdette

In 1910 the director of the automobile service to the General Electric Company, 20 year old Georges Irat began trying to build a car, and finally achieved success at the Paris Motor Show in 1935 with the presentation of small roadsters and convertible front-wheel drive.

After the war, Georges Irat abandoned this production and specialized in electric cars made in Begles in the suburbs of Bordeaux.

At the same time, he developed a new car and presented at the Paris Salon 1946 a revolutionary prototype mounted on a magnesium frame.

At the time, the success in the face of the competition was not to be, and the prototype marked the end of the automobile adventure of George Irat. Only the bodywork of this car attributed to the famous coachbuilder Labourdette was found in the factory of Bègles. It was mounted to a Simca for the purposes of demonstrating for posterity the design and possibilities of the Irat car.

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