Monday, April 10, 2017

1903 Thomas

This seems to me to be an oil reservoir, with glass sides to see the amount left in the reservoir

cool padded seating, and door in the back (like EMFs)

And the wicker baskets are there for everything, gold clubs, umbrella,

If you want to compare it to the 1902 Thomas, the oldest known Thomas, which was at Pebble Beach: 


  1. Anonymous1:18 AM

    That style body on the early Thomas is called a rear entrance tonneau. It was made necessary by the short wheelbase of the early cars. Even when the wheelbases got a little longer chain drive cars still used it. It disappeared about - maybe - 1906(?). I don't think an EMF would have used it. Google image search 'rear entrance tonneau' and you see what I mean - all of the cars are quite small.

    1. Oh, this will seem sorta ridiculous... but, it's true. The EMF I was recalling was next to the De Dion Bouton at the 2009 LaJolla Concours, and the EMF stuck out in my memory as it was the 1st time I'd ever heard of that brand, but the back door stuck out in my memory, as it was the first time I'd ever seen that on a car... and since both cars were next to each other, and there were people standing and walking around the cars, they made it difficult to get photos of with either car, so I took photos of both cars out of sequence, and put the galleries together at home, instead of jsut taking the photos of one car at a time. is the De Dion.