Saturday, April 08, 2017

A car I've never seen before, not in magazines, books, tv shows, or car shows... in fact, I doubt anyone can identify this soley on the front or back or side photos. Yes, it's a Dodge, but have you ever seen one? Can you tell what model or year?

See what I mean, nothing on the car says what model... so, here you are, a one of 1458 made

I've never even heard of them.

This one belongs to a former SeaBee Master Chief, a really great guy, who inherited it from his father in law. It has a 383.

They made the 880 from 1962 1/2 to 1964 if I recall what he told me correctly.

Check out that simple contract. Wow. Now they are pages and pages of nonsense, and this was 1/2  a page

"Chattel - item of property other than real estate" (I had to look that up)


  1. Anonymous11:58 AM

    I found out about this model because a local guy here in NZ has one - a sedan though. There is a wiki page about it - - essentially a stopgap model designed and built at short notice, using a Chrysler body with Dodge clips, when Dodge didn't have a full size car to offer.

    1. did you recognize it before I said what it is? If so, my compliments and applause!