Monday, April 10, 2017

Two minor trucking companies, Knight Transportation and Swift Transportation, will combine in an all-stock deal as they seek scale amid pricing pressure in the trucking sector.

The new holding company would be based in Phoenix and operate about 23,000 trucks and have 28,000 employees.

The stockholders (24% of it's stock are the founders family of Swift) pushed for it, and Knight is so small it makes sense to merge for security.

Swift, based in Phoenix, has a fleet of about 18,000 trucks, and it operates more than 40 trucking terminals in the United States and Mexico.

Knight, also based in Phoenix, has about 5,000 employees and operates a fleet of more than 4,000 trucks.

Swift shareholders would own about 54 percent of the combined company, while Knight investors would own the remaining 46 percent.

By the way, Andy looked up a site that says how large the trucking companies are,


  1. I dont know about minor... Swift was No. 5 in '15..

    1. Here is the way I see Swift as a minor trucking company...

      They aren't major, they are 1/5th the revenue of the #1 company, and the first 4 are doing 60 units of revenue, and 5th place Swift is doing 5 units.

      That means they are getting 1/13th of the total amount of 65 units of the top 5 companies.

      12/13ths of the business of the top 5 goes to other companies.

      Like I said, minor trucking company.

      What do you think now?

    2. I also gave them the benefit of rounding UP on their 4.3 units, to make it 5, to make the numbers super simple to work with to show how small they are. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th place companies are all between 4 to 6 units, and just merging with Knight only makes them equal to the 4th and 5th place companies, in terms of revenue... and really doesn't even improve their 1/13th share of the top 5 trucking companies

  2. Owners of both are long time family friends. Anything else really need to be said ?. As far as Swift goes quantity does not equal quality.

    1. Well, you didn't knock anything I had to say, so, I guess I did allright. As for family friends, hell, who wouldn't like a trucking company owner as a family friend? They must be rich as hell! Shame SWIFT drivers suck so bad they equal out the black holes in the universe, but, well, hiring standards and pay scales are to blame for that, and those would cut into profits. As if the insurance costs aren't doing that already.